Parque Central Zona Franca, Cartagena

Gateway to Global Markets

We are Parque Central

A Free Zone spanning over 115 hectares located in Cartagena, just 13 kilometers from Colombia’s main port.

  • Our strategic location helps reduce logistic costs by leveraging the advantages of Cartagena, Colombia’s main hub for foreign trade.
  • We offer tax and customs incentives that optimize competitiveness in international markets.
  • Our physical and technological infrastructure enables an agile and efficient operation.
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Reduction of overtime requests for 24/7 operations
increase in
exports 2023

Real Estate Solutions

Industrial warehouses in Cartagena:

  • Warehouses for rent or sale.
  • Areas from 1,100m2 to 15,000 m2.
  • Custom-built warehouses / Built to Suit.
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Industrial lots in Cartagena:

  • Lots for sale.
  • Areas from 4,000 m2 to 43,400 m2.
  • Possibility to attach areas for mega projects.
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Technology applied to the operational efficiency of your company

Parque Central is the first free zone in Colombia to implement a fully Automated Entry and Exit Process. This enables a 24/7 operation with no extra costs.

Benefits of our automation:

Reduction of more than 67% in entry and exit times.
24/7 operation without extra costs.
Reduction of errors due to human intervention.

Operation optimization in Parque Central with Appolo

Appolo revolutionizes logistics management with real-time inventory management. Interested in exploring more?

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Learn about the offer of industrial warehouses in Cartagena, lots for sale and other available solutions.

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Cartagena, Colombia’s main foreign trade platform

Boost the growth of your company in the main export hub of Colombia, just 13 km from the Port of Cartagena

Cartagena is the first port area in Colombia and the 4th in Latin America in container movement.

The port of Cartagena is classified by UNCTAD as the best connected port in the region.

More than 50% of foreign trade procedures are handled through Cartagena.

Cartagena occupies first place in cargo movement in Colombia with a share of 27.1%.

More than a zone, an opportunity to transform your operations

Infrastructure with 13 meter wide rigid concrete roads.

Box Culvert channel system for rainwater conduction.

All competitive utilities.

Security system supported by double mesh, armed guard and CCTV with 75 cameras with 24/7 monitoring.

Companies in the zone tell their experience


Very grateful for the contribution of Parque Central of the free zone because it has helped us in this consolidation as major players in the construction supplies sector both in the country and in the nearby countries in which we work.

Jhon Luis Torres Tovar, General Manager.


At this time, two years have passed since we started operations in the Parque Central Free Trade Zone and our clients have been very happy with the service offered, our operations have grown by 187% and the best is yet to come.

Gian Piero Alean, Operations Manager.


We began operations at the beginning of 2017, so we are just completing six years of operation in the Zona Franca Industrial Park. During all this time we have been able to evolve in our processes, we have been able to witness the growth of the Industrial Park.

Jose Manuel Navarro, Human Management Manager.

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We are Central Group

We provide real estate services and facilitate business for companies in Cartagena. We believe in the creative power of young people and we contribute to the inclusion and transformative power of women.

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Frequently asked questions about Free Zone

  • 1. What is a free zone?

    A free zone is a delimited area within a country that offers tax, customs and foreign trade incentives to attract foreign investment and promote trade in the country where the physical infrastructure is located.

  • 2. What advantages does investing in a free zone offer?

    Investing in a free zone offers many important advantages for the national or international business, company or company that is going to use it: tax and customs benefits, legal security, adequate infrastructure and access to international markets are just a few to mention.

  • 3. What services and facilities does the Parque Central Free Zone offer?

    Parque Central FTZ offers a wide variety of services and facilities, such as investment in warehouses, industrial lots, offices for all commercial activities, ample parking, private security and 24/7 surveillance, and much more.

  • 4. What are the main economic sectors that operate in the Parque Central FTZ?

    Various economic sectors of the market operate in the Parque Central FTZ. Among them we can mention some such as storage and distribution logistics, national and international merchandise trade, industries, technology, energy and services.

  • 5. How is the import and export of merchandise carried out in the Parque Central Free Zone?

    The import and export of merchandise in the Parque Central Free Zone is carried out by carrying out certain customs procedures and always under the supervision of the customs and tax authorities of the country, in this case: Colombia.

  • 6. What are the tax and customs benefits offered by the Parque Central Free Trade Zone?

    Parque Central Free Zone offers various tax and customs benefits. Among them we must highlight benefits such as exemption from income taxes, VAT and import duties, among others. If you want to know more, we invite you to read the entries in our informative blog on free zones, trade, imports and exports.

  • 7. What are the requirements to operate in the Parque Central Free Trade Zone?

    The requirements to operate in the Parque Central Free Trade Zone vary depending on the type of activity carried out, but in general prior authorization and compliance with established rules and regulations are required.

  • 8. What advantages does the location of Zona Franca Parque Central in Cartagena offer?

    The location of Zona Franca Parque Central in Cartagena offers advantages such as access to the main ports in Colombia and the world, proximity to international markets and adequate logistics and transportation infrastructure.

  • 9. Why buy a lot in a free zone in Cartagena, Colombia?

    Some of the reasons to buy an industrial lot in a free zone in Cartagena are: tax exemptions, ease of trade, infrastructure, safe zone. The most important thing is to obtain a guarantee that the lot is well protected and that you are provided with additional security measures to ensure the protection of property and people in the area.

  • 10. What business benefits does buying a lot or warehouse in the Parque Central Free Zone in Cartagena provide?

    Buying a lot in the Parque Central Free Zone in Cartagena can offer benefits such as: tax savings, trade facilities, well-developed infrastructure and a safe area to develop a business or investment.

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