We are operating user of free zones in Colombia

Innovation and Technology at the service of your company

Parque Central Free Zone Cartagena is consolidated as one of the main and most efficient operators of free zones in Colombia. We currently have 13 years of experience operating different permanent, special and offshore free zones.

Operated free zones
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Technology applied to the operational efficiency of your company

Parque Central is the first free zone in Colombia to implement a completely Automated Goods Entry and Exit System. It’s its own development called Appolo.

Benefits of our automation:

Reduction of more than 60% in entry and exit times.

24/7 operation without extra costs.

Reduction of errors due to human intervention.

Services as operator user

Provide specialized human capital in free zone regime.

.Ongoing support and training

Application for free zone operation – APPOLO.

Value added services to users.

Support in management and declaration process of special permanent free zones.

Hiring external auditors and planning all audit programs.

Appolo revolutionizes logistics management with real-time inventory management. Interested in exploring more?
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What is an operator user?

The free zone operator user is the legal entity authorized to direct, manage, supervise, promote and develop one or more free zones, as well as to qualify its users.

Parque Central Free Zone in Cartagena de Indias, is currently a user operator of 9 Free Zones; 7 of them are Special Permanent Free Zones and 2 Offshore Permanent Free Zones. Within Parque Central there are 50 qualified users.

What are the types of free zones in Colombia?

Parque Central Free Zone is a Permanent Free Zone, ideal for companies that want to locate in strategic areas in Cartagena de Indias, where they can access benefits that allow them to optimize time and costs in their operations.

We provide services to Permanent Free Zones.

We provide services to Special Permanent Free Zones.

Permanent Free Zone

Also known as Multi-User Free Zones, they are areas where multiple industrial or commercial users settle and carry out their activities under the special regulations of the free regime.

Controls foreign trade operations carried out by qualified users.

Makes the necessary investments in accordance with the commitments made to the government for the development of the park understood as a free zone.

Attracts and promotes the installation of new companies in the park.

Special Permanent Free Zone

Also known as Single-Enterprise Free Zones. A single user operates in this free zone, where it develops industrial or service activities. This also has the benefits of the free regime in customs, tax and foreign trade matters.

Special Free Zones Operated

Discover which are our operated special permanent free zones:

Cerámica San
Centro Hospitalario
Serena del Mar
Sociedad Portuaria
El Cayao
Empresa Colombiana
de Cementos S.A.S
Clínica Hispanoamérica