What is an Operator User?

The operator user of Free Trade Zones is the legal entity authorized to direct, manage, supervise, promote and develop one or several free trade zones, as well as to qualify its users.  

Parque Central Free Trade Zone (FTZ) is currently an operator user of  9 FTZ; 7 of them are Special Permanent FTZ and 2 Permanent Offshore FTZ. There are 38 qualified users operating within Parque Central.   

Types of Free Trade Zones in Colombia

Parque Central Free Trade Zone is considered a Permanent Free Trade Zone, ideal for companies that want to locate in strategic areas of the country, where they can access benefits that allow them to optimize time and costs in their operations.  

We provide services to Permanent Free Trade Zones and Special Permanent Free Trade Zones: 

Permanent Free Trade Zone

Also known as Multi-User Free Trade Zones, they are areas where multiple industrial or commercial users settle and carry out their activities under the special regulations of the free regime. 


Special Permanent Free Trade Zone

Also known as Single-company Free Trade Zones. A single user operates in this free trade zone, where it develops industrial or service activities. This also has the benefits of the free regime in customs, tax and foreign trade matters. 


Steps to qualify as a user in Parque Central Free Trade Zone.

Special Free Zones Operated

Hispanic American

San Lorenzo

Serena del Mar
Hospital Center

El Cayao
Port Society

Colombian Cement
Company S.A.S



Green Valleys

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