We are Central Group

Business vision focused on our people

We provide real estate services and facilitate business for companies in Cartagena. We believe in the creative power of young people and we contribute to the inclusion and transformative power of women.

Who are we?

We are Parque Central, the most modern free zone in the Caribbean and one with the best growth trends in the region; located in Cartagena (Colombia), surrounded by the most important dual carriageway freight road corridors and just 13 kilometers from the Port of Cartagena: the country’s main port.

As a free zone, we provide real estate services consisting of lots, warehouses and storage yards for companies that wish to locate in Cartagena, providing competitive spaces, with world-class infrastructure, cutting-edge technology that allows the optimization of operations and incentives in tax, customs and foreign trade.

Corporate Values

At the heart of our business group there is a distinctive corporate DNA, an engine that drives each action and defines the essence of who we are.

We stand out for cultivating values ​​in each of our team members in order to foster an environment of collaboration and continuous growth.

We are characterized by:





Assertive communication



Customer orientation

About our work team

We believe in the creative power of young people, that is why in our community 40,2% are young people under 30 years old.

We contribute to the inclusion and transformative power of women, which is why 50,6% of our team is made up of female talent.

We open opportunities to new generations through our agreements with universities and training centers. 7,6% of our internal community are practitioners.

Happiness Plan

Our main objective is to promote personal prosperity and the discovery of the life purpose of each collaborator. To achieve this, we have created the “Happiness Plan” focusing on the improvement of four fundamental dimensions that we consider essential for the full development of our team.

Personal and mental dimension.
Physical dimension.
Social-family dimension.
Financial dimension.

Positive impacts of the happiness plan on Our Team

In 2023, we successfully implemented the Happiness Plan in the Central Group, generating positive impacts in the lives of our collaborators through the strengthening of the personal, physical, social-family and financial dimensions. The work environment has improved, and general happiness has been enhanced.

90% of the target population completed the proposed activities.

80% effectively managed their mental health.

100% rated the financial module with satisfaction.

Commitments and goals of Parque Central for 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, we will continue to work hand in hand with our leaders to consolidate and expand these initiatives, building a stronger and more committed team. Parque Central is committed to continuing to be a space where comprehensive well-being and personal fulfillment are constant priorities.

The future promises more innovation, programs and resources to further enhance shared happiness in our company!

Real estate solutions

Our real estate offer in Cartagena includes industrial warehouses for lease or sale, with areas ranging from 1,100 m2 to 15,000 m2; as well as lots for rent or purchase/sale, with extensions ranging between 4,000 m2 and 43,400 m2.

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Technology applied to operational efficiency

We have developed an automation system that has allowed us to:

Reduction of more than 60% in entry and exit times.
Maintain a 24/7 operation without cost overruns.
Reduce errors due to human intervention.

More about technological infrastructure

Work with us

If you are interested in joining our team, we invite you to send your resume indicating your area of ​​specialization in the subject line. As soon as there are vacancies for the corresponding role, we will review your profile and, if you meet the requirements, we will contact you.

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